Our Story:

Tavolo Pazzo - Bringing Families Back To The Table!

We live in a society full of distractions and disconnect. Simple traditions have become a thing of the past. The family dinner, once a scene of love, joy, and togetherness, has become a scene littered with technology, silence, and the anticipation of the meal coming to an end. We are here to change that!

Tavolo Pazzo (Crazy Table) was created to Carpe Famila (Seize The Family) and bring them back to the table. Raised in traditional Italian families, our founders grew up understanding the importance of the “family dinner.” Every Sunday was the time to come together as a family, share a wonderful meal, talk about life, and enjoy the loving company of others. No distractions, no silence. Just love, passion, and tradition.

Now, we want our products to be the inspiration to reignite the tradition of yesteryear. Bring your family back to the dinner table. Begin to create a new legacy for generations to come. Come together, talk about life, and feed your soul with love. Let our products feed your family.

Tavolo Pazzo
Carpe Famila

Our Products:

All of our products are 100% Italian.

BUNDLE SPECIAL - Tavolo Pazzo Collection

Enjoy all of the Tavolo Pazzo products in one package! Makes the perfect GIFT for any occassion or a welcome addition to any table.

- 100% Italian, Single Estate Extra Virgin Olive Oil - 500ml
- Balsamic Vinegar Aged 18 Months - Goccia Nera - 250ml
- Balsamic Vinegar Aged 3 Years - Goccia Oro - 250ml

ORO IS CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK. More arriving by the first quarter of 2022.

$50.00 (You Save $10.00)


100% Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil:

Cold pressed from Moresca, Nocellara Etnea and Biancolilla olives grown in southern Sicily's beautiful Enna province.

It's a smooth olive oil with a buttery taste and a hint of pepper.  The olives are from a single estate and cold milled within hours of harvest. When used in certain baking recipes, Tavolo Pazzo Olive Oil elevates dishes with refined flavor and a smooth mouthfeel.

Take your salads and side dishes to the next level with the creamy consistency of Tavolo Pazzo Olive Oil.
- 500ml Glass Bottle -



Oro Balsamic Vinegar - Aged 3 Years:

"Balsamico Aceto Di Modena IGP Goccia Oro" is our signature balsamic vinegar from Modena Italy.

Experience pure pleasure. A few drops are enough to enhance mature cheeses, to bring a smile to red fruit salads, ice creams and chocolate cakes. They will brighten the smile of each diner.
- 250ml Glass Bottle -

More arriving by the first quarter of 2022.



Nera Balsamic Vinegar - Aged 18 Months:

"Balsamico Aceto Di Modena IGP Goccia Nera" is our featured balsamic vinegar from Italy.

Transforms white meat, boiled vegetables, marinades and roast meats into works of art. A light rain that enhances the dish and satisfies the palate.
- 250ml Glass Bottle - 



Tavolo Pazzo Press

08-17-2020  -  Local Pittsburgh
From Italy To The ‘Burgh: How Tavolo Pazzo Has Continued Its
Imported Journey During COVID-19
"Tavolo Pazzo formed to bring families together at the dinner table and to emphasize the practice of family dinner. During quarantine, breaking bread with those you love and live with, whether blood relatives or your best friend/roommate, significant other, etc. is a way to celebrate your daily successes and achievements during a hard time. 
Keep reading for my discussion with Domenic and the process of creating and importing the oil." ...


10-03-2019  -  TribLive
Fox Chapel native and first-generation Italian-American
launches Tavolo Pazzo Olive Oil
“Everything is done on the farm: milling, bottling, labeling. It doesn’t leave the farm until it is done. Good olive oil can change a dish.” ...